Podere 414

Morellino di Scansano

Listen to the silence, take your time, because time literally stands still in these parts.

To express the essence of Podere 414, we have chosen a slow sign dating to the end 1800s.

We wanted a layout that enhanced the brand and communicated the uniqueness of every vintage, evoking the close bond between people and an uninhabited land.

Every label, year after year, will be tasked with telling a story and communicating the natural elements and people who have made it into a jewel.

When exploring a new label, when the forest of ideas becomes too tangled, Officina Grafica is an expert guide that’s worth following.

Simone Castelli

Owner Podere 414


Label specs


Arconvert Freelife Merida Cream

Print type

Offset, braille, hot foil

Number of bottles

≃ 80000