Officina Grafica is a studio, founded by Vicenzo Maccarrone and Tommaso Pecchioli, where the value of quality tailoring is revealed. Our sole purpose is to blend the story, principles and ethics of our clients in utmost harmony. Attention to detail, precision and elegance accentuate our artisanal spirit based on the dedication and authenticity with which our clients communicate their wineries, wine and the land where they work. 

Every vintage, we design millions of bottles, pinpoint names, create labels and tailor packaging, all of which results in a value that cannot be defined by sales figures alone.

Our aim is to tell a story that moves people.


Portraying Leonardo’s work graphically, given the archetypical perfection of the reference, is as demanding as it is daring. Officina Grafica succeeded in an exemplary way, showing how Tuscan excellence of the visible expression is an intrinsic and timeless quality that threads through human artistic sensibilities, empowering them to make full use of communicative levels of the utmost classical beauty.


Officina Grafica has profound technical know-how and expertise in researching materials and the tactile joy of paper that move people. Combining harmony and details. Professionalism and elegance is palpable in their studio surrounded by the charms of Florence and their origins, which enable them to fulfil the needs of clients all over the world.



A collaboration that endures and reinvents itself over time. After more than 10 years, every new project is met with an original, new idea.
Taste, elegance and sobriety in features, elements that are essential for us in communicating the feeling that a bottle of wine regales through branding.

Sergio Zingarelli

Owner Rocca delle Macìe

You feel at ease with Officina Grafica.
A warm welcome is the first thing you feel in Via Fra' Jacopo Passavanti.
Everything else comes right afterwards: vast expertise, enthusiasm and endless attention to detail.

Marketing Team

Zonin 1821

Officina Grafica is that type of creative agency that you’d love to find because it’s flexible, effective and of the highest caliber.
Our collaboration has built up in recent months as we realized how updating certain labels or creating brands with their help allowed us to reposition names and brands at a clearly superior label in the eyes of consumers.
Classic and modern creativity, knowledge of materials, observance of design deadlines and costs in line with the quality of the work: these characteristics have made Officina Grafica a partner of primary importance for the development of our business, in Italy and internationally.

Benedetto Marescotti

Marketing Director Caviro

Working with Officina Grafica has been a source of pride for our company because of their bravura, professionalism and seriousness.
It has proven deeply stimulating because their passion and dedication provided us with an amazing opportunity to experience a world that had previously been unknown to us.
They took us by the hand and guided us down the right route, always keeping our objective in mind, as only the best professionals know how to do.
Their project achieved exactly what we had in mind and they did so in a lasting way on our wonderful label, which makes an important contribution in making our Maestà di Santa Luce great.

Carlotta Lodovichi

Owner Maestà di Santa Luce

We met in work circumstances.
I was perplexed after three changes in image, but suddenly there were sparks when we met....
I learnt so much and we became friends. People like you give me the strength not to give up in this terrible jungle full of hostility and falseness that’s our society.

You’re great now and you’ll be great in the future.
Never, ever stop.

Riccardo Fratus

Owner La Riccafana

Every time that we meet, you’re introduced by the sound of your colors.
Why do you think that you only deal in shapes and colors?
As soon as the rhythm is set, the simultaneity of light and form becomes harmony: the curated polyphony of one is balanced by the more direct sound of the other.
This doesn’t mean that a yellow waistcoat is loud and the color of a lake is quiet.
It means that the necessary attention that is unique to your creative process becomes as harmonious as the sound of a luxuriant spring, which harmonizes the instruments before allowing all its flowers to bloom.
But the most important thing, and this cheers me, is that after all these years I still see the wonder in your eyes.

Carlo Montalto

Marketing Director, Vito Curatolo Arini

Officina Grafica knows how to blend tradition and modernity in feelings, creating an authentic, credible and aesthetically moving narration in every project.

Barbara Darra

Marketing Director, Gruppo Mezzacorona

When exploring a new label, when the forest of ideas becomes too tangled, Officina Grafica is an expert guide that’s worth following.

Simone Castelli

Owner Podere 414

The first word that comes to mind when thinking about Officina Grafica is teamwork.
Every project creates this deep shared intention to succeed, respecting the deadlines and exceeding expectations.
The second word is professionalism.
Some projects have very clear requirements and ideas; they don’t require flights of fancy.
It’s very rare to find a studio that can guarantee solid and constant quality over time.
There are other projects, the best ones, when there’s room to be guided creatively and be surprised.
In these types of projects, the third word that emerges is art.
A group that teams up with the customer, that works professionally and contributes to our art of wine.
That’s Officina Grafica for us.

Marketing Team


We wanted to celebrate a vineyard planted in 1990, full of history and meaning for our family, unique and with a strong identity.
Years of work must be communicated through a design that has to convey the soul of the wine and the producer.
I still remember my first meeting with Officina Grafica, when I demanded, almost in a challenging voice: “I want a clean-looking label, but one that can be dirtied (with wine naturally), which also incorporates classicism and innovation, and which gives a message linked to the terroir.”
They had 5 rounds to fire, the first designs were technically brilliant but lacked audacity, and then It was presented, last of all.
It was love at first sight.
Their creativity alone would have pleased me, but Officina Grafica offers much more than that: knowledge of materials, printing techniques, recommendations and suggestions without ever weighing you down with their ideas, simply looking after you during a project.

Francesco Ripaccioli

Owner Canalicchio di Sopra

We decided to rebrand our wines, repositioning them on the market at a historically complicated time.
To do this, we chose Officina Grafica.
It was the best choice we could have made.
We immediately developed a rapport based on trust, creativity and practicality, which allowed us to make quick but effective decisions.
The professionalism and ease with which we were guided throughout the process made our winery’s rebranding almost natural, and now our wines finally display our values.
Genuine but elegant wines, with a story to tell.
Just like Officina Grafica.

Marketing Team


Alcoholic beverage packaging plays a critical role in successful product placement.
Nowadays, consumers pay attention not only to the quality of the product but also to its packaging and overall visual appeal.
We started our cooperation with Officina Grafica back in 2011 and have been working with them ever since.
The agency is behind the label and packaging design of our bestseller and flagship brand: Armenia.
Specific attention paid to every detail and ideology has created packaging designs that sell themselves right from the shelves given their strong visual message.
Officina Grafica is a creative business partner with whom we are always pleased to work with.

Marketing Team

Armenia Wine Company LLC

It was dusk (or the aperitivo hour), in ever-magical Piazza delle Erbe, a few years ago. I was out for a post-Vinitaly stroll when I ran into Vincenzo and Tommaso, two wine label artists I’ve known and admired for years, back in their previous professional lives; we’d lost touch in the interim. That evening, after greeting each other with a proverbial and hopeful “sooner or later we’ll work together again”, a new, intense and splendid collaboration got underway, quietly at first and then to our growing, mutual contentment. This collaboration resulted in some of our most successful and exciting projects for niche and mainstream products, restyling and new ideas, in Tuscany and in Piedmont. The hallmark of a full-circle feeling, absolute readiness, dynamic flexibility and a truly extraordinary passion for one’s work.

Don’t be deceived by their perfectly groomed beards, immaculate, old-fashioned look, with nothing left to chance. Appearances aside, these guys work hard, rolling up their sleeves as and when required, working into the early hours; they will never let you down – and they will never stop surprising you. 

And they say that wine fairs don’t mean anything anymore!



For me every creative project is like decorating a new apartment with the person you love. There has to be a profound sense of respect and trust, as well as a mental connection (because at least if you’re deciding on colours, you’ll know how things will turn out!!!). With Officina Grafica you feel like you’re in your living room, with a good glass of wine and thousands of samples of materials, designs and ideas. Boundaries between roles and skills disappear and above all you never feel judged for what you say or request. Over time you stop being a client and become more of an active partner in an adventure, that’s different and challenging each time, that brings satisfaction and perhaps also some disappointment and difficulties, but also smiles that will undoubtably be the result of a joint desire to create something positive for all. 





It’s not easy to find people who are so straightforward but at the same time capable of conveying our business and way of working in imagery.