Maestà di Santa Luce


The label encapsulates the spirit of a story belonging to a family that produces 1500 bottles with the same love that artists have as they caress brushes and colors on their canvases.

The image that frames the main label is a tribute to the art of painting and emotion alongside the land.

Working with Officina Grafica has been a source of pride for our company because of their bravura, professionalism and seriousness. It has proven deeply stimulating because their passion and dedication provided us with an amazing opportunity to experience a world that had previously been unknown to us. They took us by the hand and guided us down the right route, always keeping our objective in mind, as only the best professionals know how to do. Their project achieved exactly what we had in mind and they did so in a lasting way on our wonderful label, which makes an important contribution in making our Maestà di Santa Luce great.

Carlotta Lodovichi

Owner Maestà di Santa Luce


Label specs


UPM Raflatac Rough Cotton White
Ritrama Natural Cotton

Print type

Offset, multilayer, braille


Juliagraf S.p.A.

Number of bottles