There are those who leave a lasting mark on each of our stories, and those same people are the ones who manage to show life with disarming simplicity and have the ability to evoke emotion through film.⁣
To illustrate the fiftieth anniversary of Italo Zingarelli's timeless success, we listened to stories. With their own voices, we heard from the people who have marked his path: Fabio, Sandra, Sergio and Italo’s nieces and nephews. That emotion fueled our creativity and we decided to faithfully display, albeit in a more modern way, the film’s original poster. The main features are portrayed through a masterful illustration by Andrea De Luca and the title’s magnificent original font has been precisely reconstructed and embellished with the prismatic relief of Hinderer + Mühlich and printed in bright gold Luxoro on Cotone Bianco paper Manter by Fedrigoni with off-set and debossing technique.⁣