Feudo Arancio


Hekate, radiance of the night, extends her fingers on our art and inspires lightness in the air, the keeper of the values of the land and navigator of boundless seas.

This sketch is the illustrious way to celebrate the immortality of the sign, the profundity of the sense and the thirst of mystery. We celebrate the baroque soul of an opulent and persuasive wine by drawing inspiration from Klimt’s golden romantic heyday.

Officina Grafica knows how to blend tradition and modernity in feelings, creating an authentic, credible and aesthetically moving narration in every project.

Barbara Darra

Direttore Marketing Gruppo Mezzacorona


Label specs


Avery Dennison Rustique Blanc

Print type

Offset, braille, 3 types of hot foil


MCC Labels

Number of bottles

< 10000